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♪ it's driving me ♪ out of my mind ♪ that's why it's hard for me ♪ to fine ♪ can't get it out of my head ♪ miss her, kiss her, ♪ love her ♪ wrong move, you're dead ♪ that girl is poison ♪ never trust a big butt ♪ and a smile ♪ that girl is poison [music] next on "abc 7 news" at 9:00 nascar is back on track one day after a car slams into the fence protecting fans. >> a fire at a san francisco restaurant forces people out of their homes tonight. >> and the oscars deliver a few
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good evening, i'm ama daetz. >> larry: i'm larry beil. >> the oscars just wrapped up and argo took home the trophy for best picture. michelle obama surprised everyone by announcing the winner. >> that was pretty great. they tried to jazz up the format and a lot more music, seth mcfarland was edgy.
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>> and pixstar and ang lee won for life of pi. >> and christoff waltz was spectacular in django unchained, best supporting actor award. >> jennifer lawrence took best actress. but it was dress was quite dramatic and daniel day lewis won for his role in lincoln. >> three years ago, before we decided to do a straight script. i had been committed to play margaret thatcher. >> "good morning america" stars are joining jimmy kimmel and at
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11:00, don sanchez joins us live from the red carpet from los angeles. >> ben affleck's movie argo was one of the films that jimmy carter criticized and he did not hoeld back the president's handling from nuclear threats from iran. more on the speech today. >> the theater was filled up at his appearance. the former president spoke about his commitment to peace worldwide. many krifd the present administration regarding the dealings with north korea and iran. >> our country is looked upon as the foremost war like nation on earth. there is a dearth now of commitment of america to negotiate differences with others. >> he believes that instead of
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sanctions against iran and negotiating, in they should use the promise to lift sanctions to negotiate. >> not a single day of talks with north korea since president obama has been in office. >> his one hour long conversation covered death pete and use of drones. he also spoke about the lack of influence the u.s. now has what is occurring in israel. >> the united states has you might say zero influence either in jerusalem or among the palestinians. i'm very grieved about that. >> he also went into the controversy in the canadians were in the film of argo. he they should have gotten more credit in the iran controversy. >> and saying affleck took liberties with the actual events
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he liked the film and wished it well. in san francisco, i'm tomas ramon, "abc 7 news." >> a grease fire at a restaurant has pushed some people out of their homes tonight. take a look at the photo that smoke filled the street moments after the fire started. the fire broke out in a ground floor mexican restaurant on golden gate avenue they are larkin street. fortunately nobody was hurt. officers noticed heavy smoke rising from the building. >> we were sitting there watching tv and heard the sirens. we heard the police in the hallway and people scream get out, get out. >> they saw it first. kudos to the police department. they do a great job and helped us out here, too. >> smoke, flames and water damaged eight apartments in the five story building. red cross is helping people that live in the apartments find places to stay for now. >> police are looking for two people in connection with a car
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skrak go that sparked a police chase and ended with a six car crash. two men in a stolen mercedes went into the iran landing shopping parking lot, hit an occupied car and plowed into five more cars before coming to a stop. one woman was injured but we don't know her condition. the man in the mercedes got away. >> palo alto police are looking for an armed man that tried to rob someone in a downtown parking garage. he used a handgun in a robbery attempt on webster street. the victim escaped. had the suspect rode away a bike. they are checking to see if he has been in involved in other robberies. >> desmond ryan has been arrested. bryant has spent the last four years as raider. he is scheduled to be a free agent in march.
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one day of a violent wreck, daytona 500 has no serious crashes today. safety was first on everybody's mind at the great american race. here is more from daytona international speedway. >> today's daytona got off on schedule after this terrifying crash yesterday. in the homestretch, cook ri kyle larson's car smashes into the fence and gets ripped to pieces. >> the front of the car was gone. >> this was the view from the season and as horrified spectators dodged flying metal from the wreck. >> stuff flying everywhere. >> i ducked down. >> this is final turn. then kyle larson's number 32 tumbles out of control in midair. force of the crash shot this 25 pound tire ten rows into the
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stands. ambulances rushed to the scene. 28 people were hurt. >> i got hit by an engine, a part of an engine and i got a broken leg. >> workers swarmed track replacing the huge swath of fencing gashed in the accident. >> we worked late into the evening and are prepared to go racing today. >> track officials reassured race goers with their safety. >> the fans, if they were unhappy this we would relocate them. >> we're out here to have a good time. hopefully everything goes well. >> it's a lot of fun. >> jimmie johnson. >> she watched jimmie johnson take the checkered flag. >> my players and thoughts with all the people hurt in the grandstands. >> pope benedict xvi delivers mass at the vatican one more time. >> also ahead, a southern
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california card nationality will replace him. why authorities questioned him today before he left for the vatican. >> also, why neighbors are upset with a plan to upgrade a section of san francisco's waterfront. >> and warriors go for a third win of a row. >> i'm leigh glaser and few subtle changes in our forecast for
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pope benedict xvi final blessing in vatican city today. >> the pope spoke before a crowd of 100,000 people in st. peter's square. he reminded them not he is note
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abandoning the church and the 85-year-old will step down this thursday and live in a private monastery on private grounds. >> a controversial figure is on his way to rome. the cardinal from los angeles spent three hours this morning being questioned in sex abuse scandal that occurred on his watch. to protect pedophile priests he is accused of. he has apologized for his actions. >> coming up at the news at 9:00 san francisco has approved a project that will bring in dozens of concerts during america's cup but people say they never knew about it. >> and march is just around the corner. meteorologist leigh glaser tells us what to expect this week. up next for the forecast. >> and 49ers have
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america's cup organizers kept their plans to double the size of an outdoor concerted quiet until now. this image shows a planned 9,000 seat amphitheater. there was no proposal to have 4,000 seats along the embarcadero. it will host opening and closing ceremonies. nearby residents worry about the impact of 40 concerts and other america's cup events in their backyard. >> i feel helpless but there is nothing you can do. decisions have been made and i don't think they care how the residents feel about it. >> they also reported the amphitheater escaped scrutiny because the board of swevs approved the changes that did
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not require public approval. >> residents of san mateo county coast can see the light at the end of tunnel now that the two develop slide tunnels are almost completed. they are scheduled to open soon after decades of detours and delays. tunnels will replace a crooked section of road thato gets blocked by rock slides and mudslides. planning begin more than 50 years ago. popular free web browser, mozilla announced plans to team up with four phone manufacturers. this is a look at one of the developers preview phones. all the phones will run on the new mobile operating system. it's similar to the company's computer web browse earned a large number of apps available for it. the phones will go on sale overseas in july.
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leigh glaser is here and i'm interested how much it is going to warm up. >> you are going to have t wait. we have to get to a system that will bring us a few clouds tonight. wednesday and thursday and friday, get ready for temperatures up in the 70s. here is a look at live doppler 7-hd. we are sweeping live at 9:18 and it is all clear. here is a look at another shot of the toll plaza. the bay bridge and highs for today. you may have noticed that winds died down today and that helped to warm up a few degrees and few locations as much as 8 degrees. santa rosa, 68. concord reached a high of 64 and monterey climbed to 62 degrees. another nice shot four. this is from high definition mount tamalpais camera, looking down to the bay and clear skies right now. san francisco 52 and 50 in san
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jose. santa cruz, 57 and one more shot for you. east bay cam, bay bridge on the oakland side heading toward oakland side, there it is in the city and the background, clear skies, santa rosa, 54. fairfield, 43 degrees and then we have 44 right now in gilroy. here is a look at our forecast highlights. take you in through much of the up coming week, clear and cool overnight. patchy clouds tomorrow and then we'll start to gradually warm through the rest of our workweek. it will be another dry week ahead. so no rain in our accu-weather forecast for the next five to seven days. cold temperatures, 35 for napa and san francisco, 44 degrees and a little cloudiness will start to move in tonight. palo alto 41 and some of the high clouds early tomorrow morning. low tonight is 35 degrees. this is the setup. i mentioned a little subtle
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change tomorrow. we have a cold front here. most of the energy is going to stay to the north of us. the rain out of the system it will start to sag south as it does, it will start to fall apart and get ready for a mixture of sun and clouds. this system moves through, high pressure will build back in as we head into tuesday and wednesday. by thursday and friday, that is when the warmer temperatures will really start. highs tomorrow, not too bad. san jose, 55. santa clara, 64 degrees. at the coast, a few passing clouds. 64 for redwood city and palo alto. san francisco, 59 degrees. south city, warm up to 60 and in the north bay, 64 for santa rosa. petaluma, much like today, you'll be in the low 60s. we'll 63 in your neighborhood. on the east bay, oakland, 64. hercules, 64. interior locations, antioch, brentwood and out to oakley and
9:23 pm
tracy area, mixture of sun and clouds, highs in the mid to low 60s. here is a look ahead. seven-day forecast, we get to a little bump tomorrow with the clouds and get ready for a nice warming thursday, friday and temperatures in the mid to low 70s. it's going to feel like spring. next sunday we may pick up clouds a little bit and drop numbers and few drops in the forecast. thank you. all right what is going to be happening with alex smith. >> aloha means goodbye. he is a 49er but maybe coming to an end as march 12th. multiple sources report niners have a deal to trade smith. about a we don't know the other team involved the best guess is kansas city foovys march 12 that is the first day that players can be traded. it's not clear what 49ers will get in return, third or second round draft pick but chiefs are
9:24 pm
in desperate need of a quarterback. niners won't be playing $8 1/2 million to be back-up. >> and season opener, daytona 3500, big day for danica patrick and bigger for jimmie johnson. danica finished 8th but very solid on the track. nine laps to go, sixth caution as brad hits debris. restart, jimmie johnson on the outside, five-time master champ, passes him and johnson with the help of his teammate wins for the second time of his career. >> it's awesome. there is no other way to describe it. 400 starts just a proud moment. it's been tough in the last few years and happy to get through
9:25 pm
it all. >> coming off the win the warriors looked sluggish against minnesota. got it just in time. they are starting a veame road trip and timberwolves came out on fire. to williams that had 23. golden state was down by 16. jack a one hand floater and jack on the break, give it up. a minute left seth curry deep jumper and warriors up 98-97. and here is the win -- no good. warriors hang on with a third straight victory, 100-99. >> senior day in berkeley, cal hosting oregon stated. cal was down 17 at one point. devin with a layup. 18 of hers in jennifer brandon
9:26 pm
gets the first lead. she had 16. that would have tied it. cal wins their 13th game in a row, 58-56 the final. >> i'm proud6th win as any of them. i think it was tested who we are. i said that to them last time. we have to show them who we are. >> i'm shocked, but we got the win. to give them a show going out. >> larry: too much of a show there. number four stanford and a big night for her. she had 24 remember rebounds. they are tied cal atop the top 12. >> matt's name center strikes fear in the hearts like tiger woods but you do not want to face him in match play.
9:27 pm
tiger woods only back-to-back match play winners. he won 168 holes but found himself behind ku cher. a furious charge and from the bunker to underneath the bushes. and he finds the green. he would concede the hole and match. he has a 15-3 record lifetime in this event. he likes match play. it's a little different than normal play. >> ama: it is oscar weekend and >> ama: it is oscar weekend and they tried to cram in last [ male announcer ] with citibank it's easy for jay to deposit checks from anywhere. [ wind howling ] easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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